Injured on the Job?



workers compensation lawAs experienced personal injury lawyers, we at Michael E. Seelie, PA have observed some patterns in accidents at work, and understand how to document injuries and workplace accidents.


However, on December 2, 2004, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion repealing the Florida Rules of Workers’ Compensation Procedure, effective immediately.


There are steps you must take now to protect your workers compensation claim.


Many times an accident at work also involves a third party and you may be entitled to compensation.

More than 245,000 injuries and illnesses were reported by Florida employers in 2002, according to a joint federal and state survey. Industries involving wholesale, retail trade and services experienced the greatest number of incidents, with 32 percent of the total reported cases.


Employers are required to provide a reasonably safe workplace. This includes safe equipment, proper training, posting of warnings, and compliance with safety regulations.


Types of Claims


Construction Accidents




Hazardous Materials




Fork Lifts


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