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Truck accident Lawyers in Jacksonville FloridaAccording to the national Highway traffic safety administration, 380,000 large trucks, over 10,000 pounds, were involved in traffic accidents United States year 2008. Of those accidents, 4066 were fatal accidents. That means that 11% of all traffic year 2008 involved large trucks.

The companies that employ truck drivers share with them the responsibility and obligations under FMCSR section 390.11.


Some of the causes of truck accidents involve driver fatigue. The FMCSR requires a driver to record his or her duty status for a 24-hour period. A commercial driver carrying property has specific limitations as to how much and when they can drive. The definition of a property carried truck is any truck used to carry goods instead of people and it does not matter if the truck is loaded or unloaded. Complicated, as these regulations seem, they are intended to protect the public by enforcing maximum hours a driver can safely be at the wheel.


Jacksonville Personal Injury Lawyer, Michael E. Seelie, has represented the victims of trucking collisions for almost 30 years. Our law firm has the financial resources to fully investigate each trucking collision. We hire the best experts possible to help us find out why a collision has happened and to prevent the trucking company and its insurance companies from avoiding responsibility. Our job is to ensure that you obtain full compensation.


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