Florida Truck Accident and Injury Lawyer- Overloads



large truck crash

Truck accident can happened when the load of a truck is too heavy. The truck's weight affects the driving conditions for the vehicle. The increased weight means increased momentum, and this can over stress the brakes and alter the vehicle’s ability to turn. Swerving, whether to avoid accidents or just as a inconscious movement on the driver’s part, can quickly get out of control. The truck may tip dangerously off its center of balance causing an accident. An overloaded truck does not stop moving as fast as a truck weighted within the regulations. Just like the distribution of the cargo weight, the amount of weight is regulated.


Although drivers are ultimately responsible, other parties may share this responsibility, like the company employing the driver, the company that loaded the cargo, and the regulating entities of government. Usually it is the trucking company’s responsibility to maintain the vehicles, though the burden of inspecting the safety of the vehicle is shared.





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