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tire blowoutWhen a tire blows out, or a radial tire suddenly loses its tread, the driver usually loses control of the vehicle. If the rear tire of a vehicle has the blowout, controlling the vehicle becomes very hard, especially at highway speeds.

As a result, the rear of the vehicle swings around to become perpendicular to the direction of travel (yawing). If the yawing is not immediately reversed in direction, then the sideways motion often leads to the bead of the tire separating from the rim, allowing the rim to dig into the pavement or surface of the road, causing the vehicle into a roll.


Tire manufacturers know why tire blowouts occur. Tread separation can be caused by the design and placement of the belts and overlying tread or poor adhesion of the tire components. The leading cause of belt separation is failure of the metal tire components to stick to the rubber. The method most often used to bond these elements involves plating the metal with brass and then applying a rubber compound containing sulfur. If the sulfur and other compounds are not to the correct mixture, then incomplete adhesion occurs.


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