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One of the most deadly automotive defects in automotive history is sudden acceleration. It happens when a car’s electronics cause the throttle to go wide open causing the driver to loose control. Thousands of people, including drivers, passengers, and innocent bystanders, have been killed or seriously injured in sudden acceleration accidents.

Sudden acceleration happens when there is a breakdown in the electronics that control a vehicle’s power train. Since throttle control mechanisms have become electronic, cases of sudden acceleration have risen dramatically. As a result, the possibility of malfunction remains, and sudden acceleration is still a very real threat.


The phenomenon has been reported in virtually all makes and models of vehicles, from the late 1970s to current model year vehicles. Recently, Toyota models have made the news. Sudden acceleration is often reported in brand new vehicles, and most commonly occurs within two years of a car’s manufacture.Unfortunately, automakers have seized upon the fact that sudden acceleration leaves no trace fact to blame the drivers for the occurrence.

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