Rollover Accident and Injury Lawyer



rollover lawyerRoll over accidents account for approximately 10,000 deaths each year and many more people are injured.
SUVs (sport utility vehicles) which roll over at a higher rate than passenger cars, have increased attention to the importance of vehicle safety standards.

Rollovers are survivable if vehicles provide basic occupant protection.

Vehicle defects that contribute to occupant injury in rollovers include:


  • lack of adequate roof and pillar strength

  • seat belts that do not safely hold occupants in their seats

  • seat belts that unlatch

  • door locks and latches that fail, allowing ejection

  • lack of glazing in the side or rear window that can help keep occupants inside vehicles

  • and lack of side curtain air bags, which can prevent ejection.



Rollover crashworthiness claims focus on a vehicle’s ability—or inability—to protect its occupants if it rolls over. In contrast, a rollover stability claim focuses on the vehicle’s stability and its resistance to roll over.



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