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Be an Informed Consumer

1. Choose a doctor

You can check on license status, disicpline and complaints about doctors, nurses and other health care professional license by the Florida Department of Health.

2. Pick a day care

See the latest day care inspection reports

3. Locate sexual predators and offenders

See if sexual predators live near you or your child's bus stop through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement

4. Select a nursing home

Review inspection details, ratings, costs and more on nursing homes throughout Florida.

5. Hire a contractor

Check the licensing status and search for unlicensed professionals through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

6. Buy a House

Find out what the previous owner paid, the taxes and assessments through the individual county property appraiser offices.

7. Select a charity

Learn more about those charities seeking your money and how much they spend on personnel and overhead.

8. Need a background check on someone?

Obtain a statewide criminal background check within minutes.

9. Check out a corporation or fictitious business name.

10. Get public school details.

Find test scores, rankings, graduation rate and more


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