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minivans can roll

SUVs, minivans and 15-passenger vans  with their high center of gravity and a narrow track, put vehicle occupants at a high risk of rollover accidents.


If you have been injured in a rollover crash in one of these vehicles, do not assume it was "just an accident" that could not have been prevented. The design of your vehicle may have caused the wreck that injured you. Other factors that may have caused or contributed to the rollover include defective tires or dangerous roadways.

Fifteen-passenger vans, such as the Ford E 350, are so dangerous that elementary and high schools no longer purchase or lease them to transport students. Church groups, day care centers, shuttle services and other organizations still use these large vans.


Studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that accidents increase when vans are loaded with 10 or more passengers, particularly if passengers are seated at the back of the van, behind the rear axel. Additionally, NHTSA has found that improper tire inflation is a risk factor in 15-passenger van rollover accidents. To learn more about rollover accidents, please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 15-Passenger Van Safety Web site.

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