Depositions and Your Injury Lawyer


The discovery deposition is one of the most important stages in the litigation of a personal injury lawsuit. It is during the discovery deposition that the insurance company’s lawyer gets the opportunity to question the accident victim in person about the accident and the injuries suffered. Similarly, at the defendant’s deposition, your lawyer is able to discover much about the insurance company’s version of the accident. Success on deposition day vastly improves the chance of a prompt and fair settlement.

Discovery depositions give the attorneys the chance to pick the mind of the individual that is being deposed. Depositions are usually held in the office of one of the lawyers. The testimony is taken under oath and is recorded by a stenographer. Thus, extreme care must be taken to accurately describe the accident and resulting injuries. By confronting an individual at trial with clearly erroneous deposition testimony, an attorney can devastate that individual’s credibility in the eyes of the judge, jury or arbitration panel. That is why thorough preparation prior to deposition day is a necessity.


Your attorney should schedule time to prepare you for your deposition. Any questions you may have should be addressed before the deposition.

The most import aspect of the discovery deposition is you and the appearance you make. If you give the appearance of fairness, honesty, and earnestness, and if you keep in mind these suggestions, you will have taken a great stride toward the successful settlement of the litigation.



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