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Auto Accident Statistics

In 2005, amost 3 million people were injured and more than 45,000 died in a total of almost 6.5 million automobile accidents.


On average, one person dies in a car crash every 13 seconds in this country - that's 115 deaths per day.


There are four major factors that contribute to vehicle accidents. They are, in ascending order, mechanical issues, road design / maintenance, road condition, and poor driver performance.


Mechanical Issues


1.Brakes. Total brake failure has become rare since the advent of anti-lock braking systems and disc brakes, but on older vehicles with drum brakes fading due to heat is possible, and even on modern vehicles brake fluid and brake shoes and pads need to be maintained.
2.Tires. Again, modern technology has vastly improved the quality of the tires we use, but underinflation and uneven wear (meaning your tires haven't been rotated or balanced) are still extremely hazardous.


Road Design and Maintenance

Road Conditions


While bad weather can make a safe road dangerous, it is usually when poor driver performance is factored in that serious risk exists.

Poor Driver Performance

While distractions can cause accidents - cell phone conversations, sipping coffee, applying make-up - the biggest cause of vehicle accidents is speeding, though aggression is quickly becoming a significant cause as well. Other factors include:

2.Unsafe or too-frequent lane changing
3.Not using turn signals
5.Not yielding the right of way
6.Ignoring traffic signals
7.Driving while impaired by alcohol or chemicals.


If you have been a victim of someone else carelessness and have been injured in an automobile accident in Florida, you need an attorney on your side who will investigate all of these causes.