Brain Injury and Your Lawyer



Brain Injury Attorney

Michael E. Seelie, PAis a board certified experienced law firm that is familiar with traumatic brain injury cases. We understand that proving a brain injury case requires knowledge, education and experience in this area of litigation. It also requires the resoures to hire the best experts available to prove your case.



Brain Injuries occur in:


  • Car Accidents
  • Work Accidents
  • Sports Accidents


The responsible party could range from employers, to negligent drivers, construction contractors, and even school and playground operators. The insurance of the party responsible for the accident should cover the costs of medical bills, time off work, drug and therapy costs, and in many cases the pain and suffering of the victim that has caused a decrease in the quality of his or her life


Each year in the United States, more people are killed or disabled by Traumatic Brain Injury than any other cause. There is no cure for the damage caused by a traumatic brain injury, and it can have debilitating effects.


There are over five million people living in the U.S with permanent disabilities that were caused by a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Most of these cases were caused by carelessness and many allow the victim to recover monetary damages from the negligent party.