Trial Lawyers Launch New Campaign to Fight Corporate Efforts to Limit Justice

Washington, DC—The American Association for Justice (AAJ) launched an online, grassroots campaign called “Take Justice Back” today. The campaign hit the ground running with an interactive website that educates Americans about the importance of the civil justice system, motivates the public through real stories of people denied justice, engages consumers through social media, and empowers activism.

You can visit the campaign online at and on Twitter and Facebook. Starting today, AAJ will run ads on major news sites and blogs to promote the campaign.

Additional Tactics Take Justice Back will Expose:

•The loopholes that prevent most Americans from holding generic drug manufacturers accountable if they are harmed by a generic drug, even though such generics make up 80% of all the drugs sold today.
•The injustice that prevents members of our Armed Services from holding the military accountable when they are injured through negligence.
•The laws that keep foreign manufacturers “off the hook” for dangerous products.
•The laws that ensure hospitals are in the clear even for irresponsible practices
•And the methods nursing homes use to side-step responsibility when those in their care are injured or worse.

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