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speeding accident

Speeding plays apart in one out of every three fatal car crashes and is one of the most significant reasons you end up needing a Florida Accident Attorney.Michael E. Seelie, PA has been helping people collect financial compensation for pain and suffering.in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding communities of Atlantic Beach, Macclenny, Mayport, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Green Cove Springs, Callahan, Palatka, Fernandina Beach, Gainesville, and Lake City in vehicle accident cases since 1978.


It is a case of basic physics. With more speed comes more momentum, making it harder to stop. When a car going 40 mph increases to 60 mph, the amount of potential energy that could be released in a collision doubles. This is one of the reasons why speeding is so deceptively dangerous. The car has only increased its speed by half, and yet the energy has doubled.


Also, the amount of time available to react is greatly shortened by speeding. If a driver is not paying close attention, a wreck is likely to happen. At the high speeds one finds on the interstate, the shortness of reaction time can make a wreck inevitable no matter how closely the driver is watching the road. At these speeds, it is also much more likely that the wreck will be severe.


We work to uncover the truth in our Jacksonville, Florida car accident cases and expose dangerous situations by those drivers who injury or kill innocent people. If someone you know has been injured as a result of speeding, contact our office for help.