Accidents involving Trucks, Tractor-Trailers



The nature of the trucking industry requires a lot of regulations, forms, and protocol. Truckers follow their own rules of the road, as specified in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, or the “trucker’s bible”. All truckers need to know it, all trucking companies are required to teach it. Because liability is so prevelent in the trucking industry, most companies have at least $1 million dollars insurance coverage.


It is a Federal Law that every commercial truck on the interstate be insured against bodily injury and property damage for $750,000. It can be much more depending on what the truck is carrying. If the truck does not travel the interstate, or is exempted from the federal law for some other reason, most state laws have their own minimum insurance requirements.


When a trucking accident occurs, there can be several reasons contributing to the error, and not all of them come from the driver. Besides driver fatigue or recklessness, there are possible safety violations in the way the truck was loaded, or how its equipment was maintained.


Behind every truck accident there are several persons who may play a role in your case. The driver is the end part of a long network that includes a dispatcher, a safety director, risk manager, the information technology specialist, and the maintainance crew. Truck accidents usually begins with poor decisions or negligence higher up the network.


Consequently, every truck wreck case is centered on the documents that can be gathered as evidence of negligence or poor design. It can take awhile to figure out who is at fault for your injury and among other things, this means that proof has to be filed with the Secretary of Transportation. In a trucking accident case, documents must be preserved to make a strong claim.


This evidence can begin to disappear in two weeks of the incident. So talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. The most important element of beginning a lawsuit in the case of a collision with a big truck is time.

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